The debate on the "defend Iraq" slogan


. The article "The third side, the Iraqi masses: Opposing both sides in the war crisis" (CV #30, Dec. 2002) goes into how various Trotskyist groups have become apologists for the oppressive Saddam Hussein regime. They have a stand of "military, but not political support" for the Hussein regime, instead of support for the Iraqi masses against both the Hussein regime and imperialism. This stand is what they mean by such slogans as "Defend Iraq against imperialist attack". "Defend Iraq" may be taken by some activists to refer to defending the Iraqi masses, but the Trotskyists use it to refer to defense of the military efforts of the Iraqi regime. They can's see that both sides in a war might be reactionary.

. A follow-up article on this subject was Anti-war slogans in light of the outcome of the war from Communist Voice #31, May 20, 2003.

. This question was passionately debated during the first Gulf War of 1990-91. Below are some articles on this subject from that time:

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