"Left" communism replaces Marxism with anarchist-style rhetoric


Right of self-determination: "left" communism vs. Marxism
-- "Left" communist from Britain (Jock Daborn of the CWO) denounces
the right of nations to self-determination
-- Reply to the "left" communist Daborn
-- "Left" communists banish Marxism to the 19th century
(on the stand of the "International Communist Current)
Empty "left" phrases about the trade unions (criticism of "left" communism and the LAWV) (35K)
(Issue #9, Vol. 2, #4, Aug. 1, 1996)

The trade unions, the errors of the Trotskyist "transitional program",
-- and the zigzags of the Los Angeles Workers' Voice by Mark, Detroit
(Issue #7, Vol. 2, #2, March 15, 1996)

Pages from the debate with the "left" communists (who deny the right to self-determination):
-Marx and the national liberation movement
-Lenin and the national liberation movement
-The bourgeois-democratic nature of national liberation
-The socialist-colonialism of the "left" communists
-Marx and Lenin's defense of the right to self-determination under socialism
versus the "left" communist denial of national freedom
-Marxism is incompatible with socialist-colonialism
(Issue #7, Vol. 2, #2, March 15, 1996)

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