Marxism including the
transition to socialism

. This category refers to articles that focus, in whole or in part, on discussing the Marxist theory in itself. But we hope our articles on a series of other subjects will also help bring Marxism to bear on the problems of revolutionary work today (see in particular the section on the fight against revisionism).

by Joseph Green, 15K
(Issue #41, vol. 14, #1, Feb. 20, 2008)

The end of the reign of the law of value--the fading away of the labor-hour as the universal economic measure: Labor-money and socialist planning (part 3) by Joseph Green (171K)
(Issue #27, vol. 7, #2, Sep. 6, 2001)

On the fading away of the labor theory of value in a classless society:
Labor-money and socialist planning (part one), by Joseph Green (153K)
(Issue #25, vol. 6, #3, November 27, 2000)
The labor theory of value does *not* mean that the labor-hour
is the natural unit of socialist calculation:
Labor-money and socialist planning (part 2) by Joseph Green, 121K
(Issue #26, vol. 7, #1, May 1, 2001)

Chomsky, anarchism & revolutionary theory:

A.R.: Until the fascists are subdued, political differences don't matter
CV replies: The importance of theory for the rebuilding of a revolutionary movement, by Mark
On the history of Maoist opportunism:
The RCP, the theoretical struggle, and the working class, by Frank, Seattle
Majdur Travail: On the discussion in the left
(Issue #26, vol. 7, #1, May 1, 2001)

Majdur Travail's open letter to Communist Voice, and a reply
(Dec.2000-Jan 2001, 100K)
Frank to Majdur Travail: On the question of protracted people's war--
Majdur Travail's open letter in reply: Refuting general crisis theory
Frank's reply to the open letter: The fight against revisionism and opportunism also takes courage

* Majdur Travail: What's wrong with the RCP,USA
* Reply: the RCP, Maoism, and the Three Worlds Theory, by Joseph Green
* ZN: The left criticizes the former Stalinist bloc too much
* Reply: Giving up class independence leads to backing one corrupt force after another, by Mark, Detroit
* GE: Is Leninism the source of Stalinism?
* Reply: Leninism and the building of a transitional economy, by Joseph Green
(Issue #25, vol. 6, #3, Nov. 27, 2000)

CORRESPONDENCE: Should state-capitalist and liberal forces be declared "socialist", although one knows them to be "corrupt"? (10K)
* On support for the lesser corruption, by ZN
* What Lenin actually said in "`Left-wing' Communism, An Infantile Disorder" by Mark, Detroit
(Issue #24, vol. 6, #2, June 14, 2000)

A look back on Marx's speech "On the question of free trade" by Mark, Detroit (36K)
(Issue #23, vol. 6, #1, February 4, 2000)

CORRESPONDENCE: Is state-ownership in a capitalist country a "socialist institution"? (51K)
* On state ownership, social-democracy, and fascism by ZN
* Reply: A revolutionary trend must oppose social-democracy and state-capitalism, by Mark, Detroit
(Issue #23, vol. 6, #1, February 4, 2000)

SAL, SEATTLE--JAN. 1999: On afirmative action and on socialist economy, 7K
MARK, DETROIT--JAN. 1999: Two issues: affirmative action, and the transition between capitalism and communism, 9K
PETE BROWN--JAN. 1999: The transitional society and profit, 7K
SAL, SEATTLE--MARCH 1999: State capitalism in the preliminary phase of socialism, 30K
JOSEPH GREEN--JULY 1999: State ownership is not sufficient to define the transitional economy (Reply to Sal), 169K
(Issue #22, vol. 5, #3, October 9, 1999)

ON WALTER DAUM'S THE LIFE AND DEATH OF STALINISM: Competition among Soviet enterprises and ministries, and the collapse of the Soviet Union (98K) by Joseph Green
(Issue #19, vol. 4, #4, December 8, 1998)

Does the existence of nationalized industry prove that
the capitalist law of value has been abolished?
PREOBRAZHENSKY--ideologist of state capitalism (Part 2), by Joseph Green (185K)
IN DEFENSE OF MARXIST MATERIALISM: Chicago Workers' Voice discards the Marxist `paradigm' by Mark, Detroit (40K)
A review of Kuhn's book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions": Some thoughts on the left and modern philosophy by Sarah, Chicago Workers' Voice (20K)
(Issue #18, vol. 4, #3, August 1, 1998)

Does the existence of nationalized industry prove that a country is socialist?:
PREOBRAZHENSKY--ideologist of state capitalism (Part 1), by Joseph Green (111K)
From the correspondence page:
Questions on the "deformed workers' state", NEP and state capitalism
and also against the De Leonist SLP by Mark, Detroit(15K)
(Issue #17, vol. 4, #2, April 20, 1998)

Correspondence: Debating planning in the revolutionary society
(Issue #16, vol. 4, #1, Jan. 20, 1998)

The twilight of dependency theory:
--Dependency theory and the fight against imperialism:
on Samir Amin and Andre Gunder Frank (part one)
--On pseudo-Marxist apologies for imperialism -- a review
of Bill Warren's Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism
State capitalism, Leninism, and the transition to socialism (part 3):
--The question of "state capitalism under workers' rule" (50K)
Marxism in an era of free-market capitalism (from Detroit Workers' Voice #14)
(Issue #14, vol. 3, #3, Aug. 10, 1997)

Marxist theory on democracy and socialism in relation to revolutionary work in Mexico
(Issue #13, vol. 3, #2, May 8, 1997)

State-capitalism under a "socialist" banner:
State capitalism, Leninism, and the transition to socialism (part two)
-- The anarchy of production under the veneer of Soviet revisionist planning (101K)
(Issue #12, Vol. 3, #1, March 1, 1997)

On the Spartacist League and its `defend Iraq' slogan:
-- Building an anti-imperialist movement
or putting hopes in Hussein's military (Feb. 1991)
(Issue #10, Vol. 2, #5, Oct. 1, 1996)

Right of self-determination: "left" communism vs. Marxism
-- "Left" communist from Britain (Jock Daborn of the CWO) denounces
the right of nations to self-determination
-- Reply to the "left" communist Daborn
-- "Left" communists banish Marxism to the 19th century
(on the stand of the "International Communist Current)
The "four worlds" theory and the indigenous struggle in Papua New Guinea (104K)
-- critiquing Hyndman's Ancestral Rain Forests and the Mountain of Gold
Empty "left" phrases about the trade unions (criticism of "left" communism and the LAWV)(35K)
(Issue #9, Vol. 2, #4, Aug. 1, 1996)

Lenin's views on state capitalism -- review (Jim's report)
State capitalism, Leninism, and the transition to socialism
-- Part one: criticism of Jim's report (130K)
Issue #8, Vol. 2, #3, June 1, 1996)

Marxism and the right of nations to self-determination (15K)

Pages from the debate with the "left" communists (who deny the right to self-determination):
-Marx and the national liberation movement
-Lenin and the national liberation movement
-The bourgeois-democratic nature of national liberation
-The socialist-colonialism of the "left" communists
-Marx and Lenin's defense of the right to self-determination under socialism
versus the "left" communist denial of national freedom
-Marxism is incompatible with socialist-colonialism
(Issue #7, Vol. 2, #2, March 15, 1996)

Marxism vs. Anarchism:
-- Bakuninism: backward politics under guise of no politics (50K)
-- Debating the 5th Estate and the Insurgency Culture Collective
In memory of Frederick Engels: 1820-1895
The concept of the party
-- in the days of Luxemburg and Lenin and today (reply to the CWV's Barb)
More on anti-war agitation during the Persian Gulf War:
--What does it mean to follow Marxist-Leninist principle?
(Issue #6, Vol. 2, #1, Jan. 15, 1995)

What's left of united front tactics without anti-revisionism? This article
includes material on Lenin's view of united front tactics, such as in
`Left-Wing' Communism, An Infantile Disorder
(Issue #5, Vol. 1, #5, Nov. 15, 1995)

Communism as a science
(Issue #3, Vol. 1, #3, August 1, 1995)

Marxism on proletarian and peasant demands
(Issue #2, Vol. 1, #2, June 1, 1995)

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