South Africa:
from liberation to class struggle

South Africa today - the struggle continues, but on a new basis

Historic strikes rock South Africa, and the largest South African union, NUMSA, repudiates the ANC
(CV issue #49, Vol. 20, #1, August 1, 2014)

The divided legacy of Nelson Mandela: from the historic overthrow of apartheid to the Marikana massacre of striking black miners
(from the Detroit Workers Voice mailing list, December 11, 2013)

On the lesser imperialism of the BRICS bourgeoisies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa):
the "BRICS from below" counter-summit denounces the BRICS summit of March 26-27 in Durban, South Africa.

Denounce the massacre of striking platinum miners at Marikana, South Africa!
On the strike wave, the nature of the post-apartheid ANC government, the ugly stand of the South African Communist Party, and the path forward for the poverty-stricken working masses of South Africa (presentation at the Detroit Workers' Voice Discussion Group, September 30, 2012).

From the history of the struggle against apartheid

The mass struggle doomed apartheid, but the ANC leaders subordinated mass actions to negotiations in which they promised to preserve the economic power and privileges of the white business elite.

Millions strike in South Africa (from The Workers' Advocate, September 1, 1992). On the strike of August 3-4, 1992.

Black people take action: South African racism won't die quietly (from The Workers' Advocate, July 1, 1992).

South Africa: The politics of struggle and compromise (from The Workers' Advocate, July 1, 1992).

General strike sweeps South Africa (from The Workers' Advocate, December 1, 1991). On the strike of November 4-5, 1991.

Apartheid totters (from The Workers' Advocate, March 1, 1990).

What will ANC-De Klerk talks bring South Africa? (from The Workers' Advocate, March 1, 1990).

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