Stalinism -- state-capitalism in "communist" disguise

About the massacre of striking Kazakh workers and the revisionists who supported it
(CV issue #47, Vol. 18 #1, September 12, 2012)

Two articles from Klassovii Vzglyad (Class View), a journal produced by Ukrainian Marxists:
* Execution of workers in Janaozen
* Fangs of the Ukrainian Stalinists
(CV issue #47, Vol. 18 #1, September 12, 2012)

THE ROOTS OF PRESENT-DAY REVISIONIST ERRORS in the earlier stands of the post-World War II period:
On problems in the orientation of the international communist movement
in the period from the end of World War II to the death of Stalin

(The Workers' Advocate, May 1, 1984, with a new introduction of April 6, 2009,
the new intro also being in CV, issue #43, vol. 15, #1, June 1, 2009)

by Mark Williams
(Issue #35, vol. 11, #1, March 15, 2005)

COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET UNION: CPUSA revisionists on the Soviet Union:
Bahman Azad's book is a die-hard defense of state-capitalism, by Pete Brown (84K)
(Issue #29, vol. 8, #2, June 20, 2002)

* ZN: The left criticizes the former Stalinist bloc too much
* Reply: Giving up class independence leads to backing one corrupt force after another, by Mark, Detroit
* GE: Is Leninism the source of Stalinism?
* Reply: Leninism and the building of a transitional economy, by Joseph Green
(Issue #25, vol. 6, #3, Nov. 27, 2000)

CORRESPONDENCE: Should state-capitalist and liberal forces be declared "socialist", although one knows them to be "corrupt"? (10K)
* On support for the lesser corruption, by ZN
* What Lenin actually said in "`Left-wing' Communism, An Infantile Disorder" by Mark, Detroit
(Issue #24, vol. 6, #2, June 14, 2000)

CORRESPONDENCE: Is state-ownership in a capitalist country a "socialist institution"? (51K)
* On state ownership, social-democracy, and fascism by ZN
* Reply: A revolutionary trend must oppose social-democracy and state-capitalism, by Mark, Detroit
(Issue #23, vol. 6, #1, February 4, 2000)

SAL, SEATTLE--JAN. 1999: On afirmative action and on socialist economy, 7K
MARK, DETROIT--JAN. 1999: Two issues: affirmative action, and the transition between capitalism and communism, 9K
PETE BROWN--JAN. 1999: The transitional society and profit, 7K
SAL, SEATTLE--MARCH 1999: State capitalism in the preliminary phase of socialism, 30K
JOSEPH GREEN--JULY 1999: State ownership is not sufficient to define the transitional economy (Reply to Sal), 169K
(Issue #22, vol. 5, #3, October 9, 1999)

RUSSIA: On recent remarks of Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: State-capitalist politics descends into naked anti-Semitism
by Mark, Detroit (29K)
(Issue #20, vol. 5, #1, March 28, 1999)

ON WALTER DAUM'S THE LIFE AND DEATH OF STALINISM: Competition among Soviet enterprises and ministries, and the collapse of the Soviet Union by Joseph Green (98K)
(Issue #19, vol. 4, #4, December 8, 1998)

The old state-capitalist "socialism" was rotten while today--
(Issue #19, vol. 4, #4, December 8, 1998)

Does the existence of nationalized industry prove that the capitalist law of value has been abolished?
PREOBRAZHENSKY--ideologist of state capitalism (Part 2), by Joseph Green (185K)
IN DEFENSE OF MARXIST MATERIALISM: Chicago Workers' Voice discards the Marxist `paradigm' [after discarding anti-revisionism] by Mark, Detroit (40K)
A review of Kuhn's book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions": Some thoughts on the left and modern philosophy by Sarah, Chicago Workers' Voice (20K)
(Issue #18, vol. 4, #3, August 1, 1998)

Does the existence of nationalized industry prove that a country is socialist?:
PREOBRAZHENSKY--ideologist of state capitalism (Part 1), by Joseph Green (111K)
(Issue #17, vol. 4, #2, April 20, 1998)

From the correspondence page:
Questions on the "deformed workers' state", NEP and state capitalism
and also against the De Leonist SLP (15K)
(Issue #17, vol. 4, #2, April 20, 1998)

Why did the SOVIET UNION fall?
Closing their eyes to the obvious in their `Revolution from Above': Kotz and Weir deny the economic collapse of Soviet state-capitalism (part one) by Joseph Green (65K)
(Issue #16, vol. 4, #1, Jan. 20, 1998)

State-capitalism under a "socialist" banner:
* The anarchy of production under the veneer of Soviet revisionist planning (101K)
* Cuba's economic system of the 1970s and early 1980s:
Cuban "socialism" adopts the Soviet state-capitalist model (67K)
Correspondence (More on Red Star Rising Again -- proceeding from
actual, what stand does this mean towards the revisionist regimes of today?)
(Issue #12, Vol. 3, #1, March 1, 1997)

* The rebirth of communism (10K)
* Should we bring anti-revisionism to the masses?
(Issue #1, Vol. 1, #1, April 15, 1995)

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