Strikes and unions

Postal workers and postal service under attack: The disastrous letter carriers contract, how the leaders of the National Association of Letter Carriers praise it, and the move to five-day delivery of letters (three articles based on the presentation at the Detroit Workers' Voice Discussion Group meeting of February 10, 2013). Also Detroit Workers' Voice #106 (February 20, 2013).

Solidarity with the Quebec student strike!
(CV issue #47, Vol. 18 #1, September 12, 2012)

The Occupy movement and building the class struggle,
including relations with the trade unions,
by Mark Williams
(CV issue #47, Vol. 18 #1, September 12, 2012)

Lobbying fails again: Senate Democrats vote for 5-day mail delivery in bill S.1789.
Stop management/Congress war on postal workers and public service!
(Detroit Workers' Voice #104, June 1, 2012, PDF version)

Fight back against the anti-worker campaign!
USPS management declares war on postal workers, and also cuts postal servce
(Detroit Workers' Voice, September 4, 2011)

Solidarity against the sellout of new workers!
No to wage cuts and 30-hour flex work schedules!
Vote NO on the APWU contract ! (Detroit Workers' Voice, April 5, 2011)

No to anti-union laws and budget-cutting across the country!
Solidarity with the fight of Wisconsin public workers!
(Detroit Workers' Voice, March 1, 2011

As contract negotiations at the post office intensify: Watch out for two-tier wages and other concessions!
Detroit Workers' Voice #96, December 15, 2010 (PDF version).

We need mass action to fight postal management (On the 20th convention of the APWU:
Mass action depends on rank-and-file rebellion against postal management and the no-struggle policy of the union leadership)
Detroit Workers' Voice #93, August 21, 2010. (PDF version).

Demonstrate at the main Detroit postal facility against postal management's anti-worker offensive!
Detroit Workers' Voice #92, June 24, 2010. (PDF version)

"Watch out for Obama’s new attacks on immigrants! Full rights for immigrant workers!" and
"Support postal workers against job cuts, forced relocation, overwork, and reduction to five-day mail delivery!"
Detroit Workers' Voice #89, April 13, 2010. (PDF version)

Support postal workers against job cuts, forced relocation, overwork, and reduction to five-day delivery!
Distributed mainly among other workers to gather support for postal workers.
Detroit Workers' Voice #88, April 12, 2010. (PDF version)

The March 31st picket was a big success: Keep up the fight against excessing, forced relocation, and five-day delivery!
Distributed, mainly among postal workers, in preparation for the April 14 protest rally in front of the Highland Park, Michigan postal station
Detroit Workers' Voice
, April 12, 2010. (PDF version)

All out for the March 31 picket (in front of the Fort St. postal facility in Detroit)!
Postal workers, unite against job cuts, forced relocation, and overwork!
Detroit Workers' Voice #86, March 27, 2010. (PDF version)

Help build the postal picket! Come to the APWU planning meeting this Friday! Fight to keep our jobs!
Detroit Workers' Voice #85, March 17, 2010. (PDF version)

Oppose jobs cuts and forced relocation! We need mass action now!
Detroit Workers' Voice #84, March 12, 2010. (PDF version)

"We will not be destroyed! Stand up to postal management's attacks!"
(DWV #83 also contained the article "They need food and medical supplies, not bayonets: Solidarity with the Haitian people"
Detroit Workers' Voice #83, June 24, 2010. (PDF version)

Fight anti-worker postal cutbacks and support the anti-dictatorship struggle in Iran:
Detroit Workers' Voice #80, August 15, 2009. (PDF version)

Obama's auto bailout: destroying the workers
to help resurrect the capitalists (presentation at
the Detroit Workers' Voice Discussion Group meeting of June 14, 2009)

International protests against the economic crisis
by Pete Brown
(Issue #43, vol. 15, #1, June 1, 2009)

Postal service on a rampage against the workers
by Postal Observer
(Issue #43, vol. 15, #1, June 1, 2009)

The American Axle strike
(Issue #42, vol. 14 , #2, Aug. 20, 2008)

The incredible shrinking UAW:
The sellout unionism of the UAW leadership and the class struggle alternative
by Mark Williams, 46k
(Issue #41, vol. 14 , #1, Feb. 20, 2008)

About the work of the Communist Party of the USA, the origin of the United Auto Workers,
and the difference between revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and revisionism:
The CPUSA's work in auto and the change in line of the mid-1930's
(Workers' Advocate Supplement, vol. 3, #3, March 1987,
with a brief intro from April 2008)

Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and elsewhere
workers rise in strike struggles
by Tim Hall, 41K
(Issue #40, vol. 13, #2, August, 2007)

The workers' movement:

The workers' movement:
(Issue #38, vol. 12, #2, July 27, 2006)

The struggle against concessions
(Issue #37, vol. 12, #1, Feb. 2006)

About splits in the labor bureaucracy
(CV Issue #36, vol. 11, #2, September 10, 2005).

Issues about building the workers' movement that arose
in discussions in MWM-Detroit

(CV Issue #36, vol. 11, #2, September 10, 2005).

Support the Northwest Airlines Mechanics' strike
(DWV #51, and CV Issue #36, vol. 11, #2, September 10, 2005).)

Detroit financial crisis
Support the city workers! Make the rich pay for the city budget crisis!
Down with Mayor Kilpatrick and Detroit City Council for balancing the budget on the back of the workers and poor!
(Detroit Workers' Voice #50, June 20, 2005 and CV Issue #36, vol. 11, #2, September 10, 2005)

Postal management vs. workers' safety
(DWV #51 and CV Issue #36, vol. 11, #2, September 10, 2005).)
Two brief items on the working conditions in the post office:
-Postal management negligence helped kill Brenda Campbell
-Postal management again ignores safety

The workers' movement and
the Million Worker March Organzation

(Issue #35, vol. 11, #1, March 15, 2005)

Bush and Kerry back war and big business: Workers! Mobilize for class struggle!
-- A Communist Voice Organization leaflet of October 5,2004, which was distributed at the Million Worker March in Washington DC on October 17.

About the Calif. & Wash. state grocery workers' struggles
(Issue #34, vol. 10, #2, August 25, 2004)

Workers and the Iraq war
(Issue #34, vol. 10, #2, August 25, 2004)

Postal workers
(Issue #32, vol. 9, #2, October 8, 2003)
No to Bush's postal commission: Fight Bush and USPS management's attacks on postal workers
from Detroit Workers' Voice #39, Sept. 15, 2003, 16K

Unions and the Iraqi war
(Issue #31, vol. 9, #1, May 20, 2003)

Against the privatization drive:
Post office 'Transformation Plan' attacks workers and universal service --
Postal management heads for privatization (25K)
(Issue #30, vol. 8, #3, Dec. 15, 2002, and Detroit Workers' Voice #31, August 27, 2002)

Anthrax: Postal management's handling of anthrax shows callous disregard for workers (20K), by a Detroit postal worker

Against the neo-liberal offensive: (19K)
Denounce Bush/Engler for attending Labor Day events! No to Bush and the Democrats!
For a class struggle against neo-liberalism (from Detroit Workers Voice #27)
Remember Carlo Giuliani, murdered for protesting the G-8 at Genoa (also from DWV #27)
(Issue #27, vol. 2, #1, Sep. 6, 2001)

40 days that shook the world of engineering:
A history of the Boeing engineers' and technical workers' strike of 2000 by Phil, Seattle (51K)
(Issue #24, vol. 6, #2, June 14, 2000)

Teachers strike blunts school board's `blame the teacher' drive
(Detroit Workers' Voice #24, September 10, 1999)

Only rank-and-file organization can save letter carriers: Mass struggle is the way to a decent contract --
On the June 9 national information picket of NALC, the letter carriers union
(Detroit Workers' Voice #23, May 12, 1999)

Postal workers -- vote no! The tentative contract settlement is an insult!
(Detroit Workers' Voice #21, Dec. 9, 1998)

Lessons of the GM strike (Detroit Workers' Voice #20, Aug. 10, 1998)
Puerto Rican general strike (Detroit Workers' Voice #20. Aug. 10, 1998)
Striking miners block Russian railroads (Detroit Workers' Voice #20, Aug. 10, 1998)

South Korean workers face off against the new, liberal regime
(including a discussion of the KCTU union federation) by Mark, Detroit (38K)
Update on the Australian dockworkers' struggle
(Issue #18, vol. 4, #3, Aug. 1, 1998)

Workers wage powerful battles around the world --Danish general strike, Australian dockworkers' struggle, etc.
(Detroit Workers' Voice #19, May 27, 1998, 22K)
Fight USPS slave-driving and privatization (Detroit Workers' Voice #19, May 27, 1998, 22K)

What happened to the big Canadian strikes? (21K)
* Canadian postal workers go on strike (Detroit Workers' Voice #17)
* Government ban and union bureaucrats end Canadian postal workers' strike by Mark, Detroit
* Massive two-week teachers' strike in Ontario, Canada (DWV #17)
About the new National Union of Workers:
The slow breakup of PRI's corporative unionism in Mexico (31K) by Joseph Green
Management intimidation campaign at Highland Park post office (DWV #17)
(Issue #16, vol. 4, #1, Jan. 20, 1998)

How the Chicago Workers' Voice group deals with the WPAEN:

(Issue #15, vol. 3, #4, Oct. 25, 1997)

Settlement trades small gains for maintaining part-timers' misery: UPS workers wage major contract battle
(from Detroit Workers' Voice #16 )
Support the newspaper workers: Courts and government agencies are tools of the rich (from DWV #16)
(Issue #15, vol. 3, #4, Oct. 25, 1997)

Thousands march to support Detroit newspaper workers
Rank-and-file action or union leader sellouts?
(from Detroit Workers' Voice #14)
(Issue #14, vol. 3, #3, Aug. 10, 1997)

Strike wave against anti-workers laws in South Korea (16K)
Detroit newspaper strike betrayed:

-- Union leaders declare their failure a victory (16K)
(Issue #12, Vol. 3, #1, Mach 1, 1997)

About the anarcho-syndicalist IWW:
-- Denouncing rank-and-file workers for "union scabbing"
or organizing a trend aganistthe .union bureaucracy?
(Issue #11, Vol. 2. #6, Dec. 15, 1996)

No spark in the Spark:
-- Against their prettification of labor bureaucrat sell-outs
(Issue #10, Vol. 2, #5, Oct. 1, 1996)

Staley struggle: how not to learn from a defeat
-- Lessons of the Staley struggle by Jack Hill (Oleg) (22K)
-- On Jack Hill's empty optimism regarding the accomplishments of the Staley struggle (36K)
-- How not to learn from the Staley struggle (39K)
Union bureaucrats establish "Labor Party" (including criticism of such Trotskyist groups
as Socialist Action, Spark, and Bulletin) (24K)
Empty "left" phrases about the trade unions (criticism of "left" communism & the LAWV) (35K)
(Issue #9, Vol. 2, #4, Aug. 1, 1996)

Postal workers under attack:
DWV: Resist management efforts to ruin letter carriers
Impotent strategies against postal privatization
(Issue #8, Vol. 2, #3, June 1, 1996)

The trade unions, the errors of the Trotskyist "transitional program",
-- and the zigzags of the Los Angeles Workers' Voice
DWV: Why were CAT and Staley workers defeated?
55,000 government workers on strike in Ontario, Canada
(Issue #7, Vol. 2, #2, March 15, 1996)

DWV: Strike wave in France jolts conservative government (20K)
Striking Boeing workers stand up to concessions
Tough road ahead for striking Detroit newspaper workers
(Issue #6, Vol. 2, #1, Jan. 15, 1995)

Capitulation or struggle in the working class movement
Detroit Workers' Voice: Newspaper workers fight on!
Detroit meeting: Will rank-and-file militancy
overcome labor bureaucrat obstacles?
DWV: No struggle equals a nothing postal contract
'Left' daydreams about the labor bureaucrats
Longing for a labor party -- Oleg on Labor Party Advocates
John Sweeney's unionism is warmed-over Kirkland stew
(Issue #5, Vol. 1, #5, Nov. 15, 1995)

Detroit newspaper strikers take militant action
-- Report from the picket lines
-- Reformist left kneels before union bureaucrats
-- Detroit Workers' Voice on newspaper strike
DWV vs. plans of postal management
The affluent worker--bourgeoisified?/
Review of Goldthorpe's 1969 book on British workers
(Issue #4, Vol. 1, #4, Sept. 15, 1995)

Detroit Workers' Voice: Fight the contract on the workers and the poor
A critique of "Solidarity Organization Committee's" stand on the struggle in postal
The growth of the middle classes, and the prospects for socialist consciousness/
A review of C. Wright Mills' White Collar
(Issue #2, Vol. 1, #2, June 1, 1995)

Oleg (Jack Hill) on the Labor Notes conference
Mark replies to Oleg on the Labor Notes conference
A review of Kim Moody's views on the working class
Oleg on Spark
Pete Brown on Spark's workplace organizing
(Issue #1, Vol. 1, #1, April 15, 1995)

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