From El Machete:

Work to form the political organ of the toilers

. Note from Communist Voice #13, May 1997:

. The following article appeared originally in Spanish in the Mexican petty-bourgeois nationalist journal El Machete. This English translation is reprinted from the Chicago Workers' Voice Theoretical Journal, issue #12, Feb. 26, 1997, where it appeared under the title "Work to form the political organ of the toilers". It is criticized in the article "Two perspectives on Mexico" elsewhere in this journal, especially in the sections "The independent movement has only to unite on a national level" and "The political organization that does nothing" on pp. 42-3.


. In Mexico the "mass movement" has now at least 3 decades of development. In this mass movement are entrenched those who do not accept the official gifts, baptized by the enemy as "Democratic Openings" or "Political Reforms". Within these mass movements were generated the armed movements which have made their appearance in recent years (the EZLN, EPR, ERIP. . . ), and also from these "mass movements" were born the Fronts and Coordinating Organizations (Coordinadoras) which have been able to confront the State since the decade of the 1970s (CNTE, CONATIMSS, MPI, CNPA, FPFV, CONAMUP, CLETA, .  .  . )

. It has been these coordinating organizations which put the brakes on the privatization of the IMSS (Instituto Mexicana de Seguridad Social) and resisted the privatization of transportation, and of PEMEX; their action has postponed the destruction of the ejido or the annihilation of the communal forms of production. It has been these social organizations which have been able to force money for the construction of housing out of the State's budget, and which have held back measures (of the government and others) with a tendency to provoke cultural genocide, such as those which would take back educational conquests or the often announced plan to privatize Chapultepec Park.

. But the mass movement cannot by itself alone carry out the political struggle, rather this task responds to a political organization which gives it (the mass movement) cohesion. In this moment it is strategic to work for the consolidation of this organization.

. Will it be the Party of the Proletariat? Will it have another name? For now it is not important what we baptize the child, nor how its functioning will be structured or formed. To define these is part of the discussion that is going on in many sectors. What is certain is that those who propose to make a revolution cannot be subjected to participating in politics by asking to borrow the structure of the PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratica) or the PT (Partido del Trabajo). It is necessary to create one of our own.

. The formation of this political structure is not to exclude nor substitute for the social organizations, on the contrary, it must be complementary to the action of the mass movement, and inclusive, finding links with the grouping which are laboring to form the peoples' army.

. This political organization should not (and cannot) supplant the unions nor the popular organizations. No, it must nourish itself with the more advanced cadre (open and closed) which have been produced by the mass movement over these 3 decades, who must carry out leadership and political organization tasks.

. It is pertinent to clarify that this is not to negate the serious attempts at political organization which have occurred; on the contrary, we have to start from them and work to achieve the unity in theory and in practice of those whose struggle has demonstrated that they are, incorruptible, the most decided, and those who really want to make the revolution.

. Of course, this can not be achieved with a meeting, nor in the short term, but it is the moment to begin, or better said, it is time to give another push in the process of structuring the political organization of the toilers. <>

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