Swedish Marxist-Leninists launch Red Dawn

Introducing the journal Röd Gryning

(CV #39, January 2007)


From the first issue of 'Röd Gryning', Nov. 15, 2006:

. With this issue, the Red Dawn Working Group, which was formed this Spring, starts its journal. . Now, how come -- still another one amidst so many others? Why, there are already papers which take up wrongs in society -- papers established since long ago, issued daily or weekly, having good journalists and writers, are easy to read, etc. Yes, there are, but in our opinion there is no genuinely Marxist-Leninist voice in Sweden, which by means of the theory of scientific socialism is able to put current questions into a wider perspective and show the path forward. That can be done only through demarcation against revisionism of all hues, i. e. against all those kinds of distortions of Marxism which for a long time have been putting their stamp on the left as a whole, here in Sweden as well as internationally. Actually, by obstructing the struggle, it is revisionism and reformism that provides space for the capitalists to move on as they do! As already Karl Marx in his time expressed it: "Unity is certainly a good thing as long as it is possible. But there are things which stand above unity. For instance, the question of the existence or abolition of revolutionary class struggle." Therefore, we characterize the aim of this journal as anti-revisionist.

. By this, we don't claim to be in possession of some kind of panacea for everything -- what matters is to raise the issues and put the questions. That has to be done, some must begin with it. And as the situation is today, it would be outrightly quixotic not to realize that it is going to take a long time -- many years -- for a Marxist-Leninist current to be built up within the working class and among the broad masses. That's why it's time to get on with it now.

. Then there is no place for high-pitched, glaring phrases and "smart" attempts to short-cuts. What's awaiting is patient and systematic work almost from scratch, and with emphasis in the everyday milieux which the fashionable "left", with its networks and its flashy statements, have abandoned as too tiresome.

. It is to the most advanced elements we turn, but in order to do that we must respond to their need to have general solutions. Thus, we simultaneously reject both the demagogical attitude that theory is nothing for ordinary people, that it's enough with a "simple" message -- and the elitist attitude of providing a theoretical journal with some sort of introvertly academic character. These two deviations might seem as each others' opposites, while in fact they proceed from one common basic assumption: that theory and practice are two different things which have nothing to do with one another and preferably should be held apart. Underlying that is a good deal of contempt towards precisely those for whose Marxism exists! Because what would be the point of the entire theoretical system of Marxism, all analyses, all the works by its classics and by later followers, unless it all is being used as a set of tools to be used by those downtrodden in this society to liberate themselves?

. That's why Red Dawn is needed. There is need for it now as the struggle about workers' rights looks to become the central issue to which so many other things will boil down. There is need for Red Dawn to critically scrutinize and compare different paths, to further experience from other countries, to analyze what's happening and why it's happening, to discuss strategy -- that of the class enemy as well! -- and maybe in the first place to show its readers how the method of Marxism-Leninism works and how one can use it independently.

. But Red Dawn also needs its readers -- as critics, collaborators and subscribers. We don't receive one penny in official support, but stand on our own legs and trust our readers. To develop and improve, we need criticism. All points of view are welcome! One may collaborate with Red Dawn by sending information, by describing the situation e. g. at a workplace, by writing letters to the editor, by proposing articles, by contributing with cultural material like poems, reviews, pictures and drawings etc. We have no post-box yet, but the e-mail address is:

. Red Dawn is to be published at least three times a year for now. The next issue will come during the Winter and will focus on the national round of wage negotiations. Materials will continuously be posted at our homepage:www.arg. nu.

. (The above translation is from the RDWG website, with some minor refinements by Communist Voice. )

. The website of the Red Dawn Working Group carries the Swedish text of Red Dawn and other materials. It also carries some of these materials in English, for example:

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February 25, 2007.
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