To: Detroit/Seattle Workers’ Voice mailing list
January 18, 2018
RE: Women’s March in Seattle

Seattle Workers’ Voice vol. 2, #2, January 17, 2018 called on people to
Join the Women’s March, Saturday, 10 AM, Cal Anderson Park.

SWV is being distributed, among other places, at Seattle Central College, which is near Cal Anderson Park where the Women’s March will begin. There are a lot of immigrant students from Asia and Africa there, as well as a few from Latin America and the Middle East. The lead article reads:

To hell with Trump and his foul mouth!
Defend all immigrants!

Trump came into office spewing race hatred of immigrants, millions and millions of whom are women and children. This was part of his scapegoating and inciting violence against immigrants and national minorities in order to build a reactionary political movement to “keep them in their place” as super-exploited workers and to further strip them of rights. Trump then used this demagoguery to justify reactionary executive orders: the Muslim ban; the phased cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, DACA; terminating Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which affects 200,000 Salvadorans alone. But he’s not done. Trump is using demagoguery to justify anti-immigrant legislation. In fact, it was in a bi-partisan meeting to make a legislative deal that Trump denounced immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa as coming from supposed “shithole countries.”

The Democrats denounced Trump for his racist tirade, but they cannot be trusted to actually defend immigrants. Although they’re less extreme than the Trumpist Republicans, when in power the Democrats supported immigration reform bills that put “border security” first, i.e., more fences, walls and Border Patrol officers - which translate into more deaths in the deserts. And their much-advertised “pathway” to citizenship - depending on the bill - involved living from 10 to 22 years as a second-class person, and it was a path filled with legal landmines. Meanwhile, Obama earned title of Deporter-in-Chief as he deported over three million people, a statistical record.

This was because the Democrats are also a party of the big capitalists, and the capitalists make extra profits by keeping millions of undocumented immigrants living under a reign of terror.

The interest of the working class is to stand against all this by building a class movement. If the Trumpists can deny legal rights to immigrants and throw them out, they will act more and more harshly against protesters, strikers, and other minorities. All working people should therefore join the fight to defend our immigrant sisters and brothers against deportations, and demand they be given full rights. To accomplish this, we should:

-Organize, organize, organize!
-Build groups that will keep the struggle going between large protests, and that will spread the truth to workplaces, communities, schools, and unions!
-Help turn the anti-Trump struggle into a class struggle! <>

SWV also contained excerpts from the articles “Solidarity with the Iranian people!” and “The 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution: Nostalgia is not enough!”

Read SWV in PDF form. <>

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Posted on January 27, 2018