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June 28, 2018
RE:All out against Trump’s inhuman “zero tolerance” policy

Join the “Families Belong Together” protests
on Saturday, June 30th!

There will be demonstrations this Saturday in every state across the country and also Washington DC against the Trump’s administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from families crossing the border. No racist rants from Trump, no invocation of national security, no lying claims that the children are being treated well can stop the growing anger. Not even a ruling against Trump by a federal judge for the Southern District of California this Tuesday, June 26, demanding the reuniting of the families is going to calm the anger, because people see that court rulings come and go, but the state of terror inflicted on the immigrants continue. The recent series of reactionary rulings by the Supreme Court, including approving Trump’s bigoted travel ban, show that the lower courts are at most a nuisance to Trump. It is the masses of people who are putting pressure on Trump, the politicians, and the courts to not only really unite the immigrant families, but to stop oppressing the immigrants altogether.

Mass anger and protests force Trump to claim
to end kidnapping immigrant children

by Tim Hall, Detroit Workers’ Voice

Nationwide anger and erupting mass protests have forced the master kidnapper Donald Trump to claim to end his separation of immigrant families. Fury spread throughout the country at the spectacle of immigrant children from Central America being separated from their parents and caged like wild animals, with no preparation for reunification with their parents. ICE offices were occupied and masses protested at LaGuardia airport in New York to demonstrate support for the children. The anger at the master kidnapper was so intense and widespread that he claimed to end the separation of the children from their parents. He announced that the children would be held indefinitely, but with their families rather than alone. But even this apparent concession has been undermined by the lack of evidence of any motion to actually locate the children and their families and physically reunite them. So far this has been a verbal victory but nevertheless a setback for the grand capitalist egoist. And the growing surge of demos raises the possibility of building a serious movement in support of Central American immigrants, who are the targets of Trump’s slander and suppression.

In the ensuing days, the Great Kidnapper has announced that Central American immigrants will not be given due process but just shipped off ASAP. Not only is an even more vicious attack on migrants, but it also suggests that citizens can be picked up and immediately deported without even an opportunity to prove their citizenship. At the same time the government has begun scouring the records of people who have recently acquired citizenship, looking for places where they did not dot their i’s or cross their t’s, so that they can be deported as well.

The Great Kidnapper is in a paroxysm of frenzy, attempting to throw out people like roaches or spiders. These are mostly workers who could lend their shoulder to the common struggle against the rich ruling capitalist class whom Trump represents. We should fight against their persecution!

One unintended consequence of Trump’s vicious family separation policy has been the kindling of widespread sympathy for undocumented immigrants as human beings, with children who love them and whom they love. Dehumanizing Central Americans has been a big tactic of the orange racist from the first; he has used such terms for them as “rapists,: “criminals,” “animals” who “infest” this country. The heartless brutality of his approach has partly opened the eyes of many citizens who had lost humanity under the onslaught of the white supremacist propaganda barrage of Trump and his ilk. This will make it harder for them to carry out their anti-immigrant campaign.

Another unintended consequence of this storm has been the revelation that the Democrats since Clinton have also been separating immigrant children from deported adults. This was little-known before, but now the Republicans are advertising it widely, as if the fact that the Democrats are equally brutal excuses their own brutality. In fact, by this point in his presidency Obama had already deported more immigrants than Trump now has, though he had not so widely or blatantly practiced separation of children from parents as Trump has. (Trump tried to ignite anti-immigrant, anti-Latino feeling by just nakedly abusing the children, but this has lit a fire of protest against him.) But the Democrats’ culpability is neither an excuse to forgive the Republicans nor a reason to discredit the current mass anger. To say to the masses today, why didn’t you rebel yesterday? is to throw cold water on the present rebellion. It is like telling a worker not to strike because, after all, the capitalists cut his wages before and he did not strike then. No, the present storm of anger is a good thing and should be continued! <>

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Posted on July 15, 2018
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