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March 14, 2015
RE: New issue of Struggle magazine

New issue of Struggle literary zine - black lives matter!

The Winter-Spring 2014-15 issue (vol. 30) of the literary zine  Struggle is hot off the press, with poetry and stories inspired by the "Black Lives Matter" movement, the struggle against war and imperialist oppression, and the class struggle.

Editorial: In this issue

We have a lively issue for you.

Responding to the inspiring outbreak of the movement against police murders of Black people, several poets condemn these murders and welcome and encourage the fighting people. These poets express outrage, evoke anger, clarify issues involved and convey the rebellious feeling of the movement. This movement may be a great turning point, a great waking of the masses to new levels of struggle against the age-old outrages of white supremacy. We hope our readers and writers will plunge into this movement and also write and create in its spirit.

We continue to print works by prisoners in the American gulags, giving them voice against the mass incarceration of the people, especially Blacks. "Struggle" has been publishing and encouraging progressive prisoner writers since it was founded in 1985.

We bring you another exquisite work, "The Yellow Dress," by one of our favorite writers, Paris Smith. We believe that this story, and his early story "Hysteria" (which can be seen at the "Struggle" web site at the link entitled "Two Stories by Paris Smith" -- are among the finest of all African American short fiction.

This issue also contains a powerful story about health care by Keith Laufenberg, "Dumped and (de)Capitated," and moves on to a strong constellation of poems and stories about imperialist war - the poetry by the inimitable Raymond Nat Turner, Christian Weaver and Doug Draime, and stories by Anthony Garavante and Billie Louise Jones.

The current issue nears ending with a story, "Board Meeting" by Paul Bowman, that projects possible action by militant workers. We conclude with a poem by John Kaniecki calling for "Courage."


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Struggle is again in need of new literary contributions, subscriptions and financial donations. Please help us out! Struggle is now a page on Facebook (just enter the magazine's name in the search bar). Please check it out and friend me for political discussion.

- By Tim Hall

Poetry in this issue includes:

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Fiction in this issue:

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Posted on April 4, 2015.