To: Detroit Workers' Voice mailing list
Date: June 13, 2015
RE: "Real Talk" demonstrates against two-tier wages

Equality Rally

On Saturday, June 13, from noon to 2:30, there will be a rally
at 8000 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, Michigan
at the UAW's Solidarity House
As of midnight Friday, 23 workers have said they are going

Tim Hall made the following announcement on the "Real Talk" Facebook page ("Real Talk" [since renamed to "UAW Real Talk, Ford. GM, FCA"] is a page frequented by auto workers in our area who are upset with various policies of the UAW leadership):

I am posting this on the Real Talk page and sending it to all my Facebook friends and putting it up on other union pages:

This is important. UAW members, many of them from the lower-tier wage category, are protesting against the two-tier wage system and demanding that the UAW leadership, which first agreed to this atrocious concession in 2007, and auto management, which loves paying half pay for the same work, get rid of two-tier system and pay all on the same pay structure, as before. These auto workers are also demanding a pay raise for all auto workers and improvements for retirees.

I have joined this movement, lending the support of a retired postal worker to it, and have picketed with them each month for three months now. I was welcomed with open arms, as these brothers and sisters know the importance of worker solidarity, something that the UAW leadership, sitting in its falsely named office behind us, "Solidarity House," do not support.

I urge my local Facebook friends to come out tomorrow and lend your support to this worthy cause. Many of you are postal workers. The two-tier wage system, begun in auto in 2007, was spread to postal in 2011 by the sellout Cliff Guffey leadership of the APWU [American Postal Workers Union] and later to the carriers' union, the NALC [National Association of Letter Carriers]. Now the APWU operates on a three-tier wage system, where a third category, somewhere between the half pay of the lowest tier (called PSE's, postal support employees, in the APWU, CCA's, city carrier assistants, among the carriers) and the full-pay "regulars" as we are called, has been created.

When the APWU held a national phone teleconference with the president, Marc Dimondstein, several months ago, I asked him if he would demand in our negotiations that the two-tier system be destroyed. I told him that I had been a delegate to the APWU national convention in 2010 and had spoken out against two-tier and had gotten A UNANIMOUS VOTE AGAINST TWO-TIER from the delegates in the union's highest meeting body. He gave me nothing but vague answers: "it's really three tiers, we of course want to get rid of it, etc.", but would not commit to straight up demanding it be abolished. Now, as negotiations have ended and the issue of a new contract has gone to mediation and may go to arbitration, elimination of the two-tier system is apparently not on the table.

Two-tier wage systems now permeate American industry. they amount to A MASSIVE WAGE CUT FOR MILLIONS OF WORKERS.

Let us join with those who are demanding the end to two- and multiple-tier wage systems!

Real, genuine worker solidarity forever!

--Tim Hall, June 12, 2015

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Posted on August 15, 2015