To: Detroit Workers' Voice mailing list
Date: June 27, 2015
RE: What happens in Greece affects everyone

The situation in Greece is coming to a head

(A comment on "Real Talk"  about the coming referendum on July 5 by Tim Hall of Detroit Workers' Voice  - "Real Talk" is a FB page frequented by auto workers who are upset with various policies of the UAW leadership)

This may seem distant to American workers, but actually it is intimately related to the wage cuts and cutbacks we are experiencing at the hands of the big corporations and banks here in the U.S.

The Greek economy is in deep crisis and the big European banks, who caused the crisis to begin with, are using their power over the Greek working class and people to demand that the people bow down and submit to highway robbery -- major (further) wage cuts, cuts in pensions, and cutbacks all along the line in social programs for the workers and poor.

Sound familiar?

Remind you of when Obama, the democrats and the sold-out UAW union leaders imposed wage cuts (the two-tier wage system) on U.S. auto workers in the midst of the great recession in 2007? Remind you of the postal union leaders using the same excuse to do the same in 2011?

Does it remind you of how Obama, the Dems and the Republicans banded together to ram through ("fast track") the almost-secret tpp trade agreement, an agreement that will only help the monopoly corporations plunder the masses here and abroad?

Think you "lost your sovereignty"? Well, you didn't have any to start with: the big banks and corporations were already working together internationally to drive down the workers and poor right here at home, same as they are doing in Greece and elsewhere. The American banks and monopoly capitalists were never defending you, but now their TPP trade agreement will only accelerate their attacks on the working class.

In Greece the working people may be taking a big stand against this highway robbery. The Syriza government. which arose from the anti-austerity movement, has announced that it will hold a referendum of Greek voters on July 5 on the question of whether or not to give in to the rapacious demands of the big European bankers.

Let us watch this closely. If the Greek workers take a strong stand, it will shock the bankers of the world and inspire the struggle against austerity in Europe and here as well, just at the moment that new contracts are being fought over in auto, postal, etc., and the Black Lives Matter movement is fighting entrenched racism. <>

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Posted on June 27, 2015