To: Detroit Workers' Voice mailing list
Date: July 10, 2015
RE: Picket Solidarity House on Saturday, July 11

Auto Workers to Picket UAW Solidarity House
 in Protest against Two-Tier Wage System
 and other Concessions

Contract Negotiations Looming

On Saturday, July 11, from noon until 2 p.m., disgruntled auto workers, together with postal worker supporters, will picket the UAW leadership’s main office at 8000 East Jefferson, Detroit, in protest of the two-tier wage system and demanding that no new concessions be accepted in the coming contract, plus a roll-back of concessions already given.

These pickets have been going on monthly since May. They have been small, but determined, and their activists have been the core of a Facebook group, Real Talk, that has reached a fairly wide audience of auto workers. Brian Keller, a Chrysler worker, originated the pickets. He was soon joined by Tony Stephens, a Ford worker, other Ford, GM and Jeep workers, plus retired postal worker Tim Hall and a few other postal worker activists.

The UAW leadership has refused to flatly demand the end of the two-tier system. In addition, it has been floating ideas of abandoning the company-funded health care program. It has made vague threats of striking, but UAW president Dennis Williams, speaking to our picket in June, ridiculed the rank and file, saying it would be incapable of a strike. (Of course, Brian and Tony strongly stood up to him.)

As the contract is negotiated and voted on, there will be great controversy. There are other dissident trends, but only this one has boldly denounced the UAW leadership to its face. This struggle will deepen.

Come out and join it! Workers and justice-loving people of all trades and backgrounds are welcome. There is parking on the side of Jefferson, with no meters nearby.

 - Tim Hall
 retired postal worker
 APWU member
 for Real Talk [Now called "UAW Real Talk, GM. Ford, FCA"]

Real Talk "is set up to post your views on the IUAW and Labor issues.
Force the IUAW to support their members interest. It's our time to fight
and be heard." <>

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Posted on August 15, 2015