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December 11, 2015
RE: All out on Saturday, December 12th!

From Paris to Seattle,
demand real action against climate change!

The UN global warming conference of 2015 in Paris is coming to an end. Demonstrations on Saturday are taking place to demand real action on climate change. Parisian activists will defy a ban on public demonstrations enacted by the government of "socialist" president Francois Hollande under the State of Emergency. According to the "Guardian" newspaper "The protests will involve 10 blockades, themed around 'red lines' which they fear negotiators for the nearly 200 countries inside the summit may cross." (Arthur Neslen, "Activists promise largest climate civil disobedience ever at Paris summit") The activists will defy possible penalties including the dissolution of their organizations, a year in jail, and heavy fines.

A "we are the red line" demonstration will also take place in Seattle. Activists and organizations with different viewpoints will take part. Frank Arango of the Seattle Communist Study Group ( writes:

The U.N.'s Climate Change Conference, COP21, in Paris is ending in another disaster for the earth and humanity. That's because the leaders of the major world governments—whether liberals, conservatives or pseudo-socialists—remain stuck trying to use neo-liberal, market measures to deal with carbon emissions. Most notorious of these is cap and trade. But another is the carbon tax, which will drive many working and poor people away from the environmental movement, and still not reduce carbon emissions enough.

15 precious years have been wasted on these false solutions designed to save the polluters' profits! In place of them there must be strictly enforced environmental regulations, and there must be economic planning. But if regulations and planning are left up to the world's governments then they're going to continue to shift the human and monetary costs onto the backs of national minority communities, indigenous peoples and poorer countries, while treating environmental refugees like dirt. We must stand up to say NO to such a path! We need to build a militant movement that absolutely insists that all planning and formulation of regulations be done publicly in venues where there can be the broadest mass participation.

Thus, today we must raise the alarm that the path of market solutions must be abandoned. We must continue to build the working class trend in the environmental movement, a trend in whose interest it is to rally and support all of the oppressed people in their struggles against the ruin of the earth by the capitalists. And it means using events like this Saturday's to make and deepen links with people who want to accomplish these aims. All out this Saturday! <>

Information about the Seattle demonstration from the facebook page of its organizers (

Nature doesn't compromise, but negotiators in Paris will. In Seattle and around the world, we have to commit to defending the lines that cannot be crossed if we hope for a stable climate. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we've already begun. But we need to deepen our commitment: we can't let Washington state turn into the world's dirty energy transport depot.

At 12:12 on 12/12, we'll make noise to show that our voices are united as we fight for a just and living planet. Then we'll head to Victor Steinbrueck Park for a pledge of resistance (and red scarves to remind us of what we need to do). Join us!


11:30am: Gather at Westlake Park (401 Pine St.) 11:45am: Program begins 12:12pm: Climate Scream 12:15pm: March to Victor Steinbrueck Park

Bring noisemakers, pots and pans, airhorns, instruments -- be prepared to make some noise. Wear RED.

Co-hosted by 350 Seattle, GotGreen?, Rising Tide Seattle, Greenpeace USA, Sierra Club - Washington State Chapter, ShellNo Action Council, Divest UW, Earthcare Not Warfare, Buddhist Peace Fellowship-Seattle & the PSARA Environmental Committee.  <> 

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Posted on December 11, 2015