To: Detroit Workers' Voice mailing list
April 10, 2016
RE: Stop the poisoning of Detroit!

1) DWV list resumes
2) Demonstrate Saturday against the expansion of toxic waste dumping in Detroit!

The DWV list resumes

Other obligations prevented me from working on the Detroit Workers' Voice list for a time. So there were no items on the DWV list for almost two months, from Feb. 17 to April 9. The list resumes publication today, April 10, 2016.

Demonstrate Saturday morning,
April 16, 10 am at Eastern Market

Stop the ten-fold Expansion of US Ecology!
Keep radioactive waste out of our drinking water!

The struggle is continuing against the expansion of the hazardous waste facility in Detroit misleadingly called "US Ecology".  Opposition to the expansion is increasing, and the struggle in Flint against the poisoning of their water has helped give momentum to the struggle to protect the water supply in Detroit. More people and organizations have become involved. Detroit and Hamtramck residents from around the waste plant have become more active in opposition. A long-time organization of residents, the Georgia Street Community Collective, supports the coalition to stop the expansion of US Ecology, as does a new organization of residents, the Eastside Coalition for Environmental Justice. The struggle is also connected to the struggle against fracking, which includes a struggle to stop the drilling of new wells inside the Detroit urban region. There is no working class or minority community that the polluters and frackers hold sacred; no water supply that they will hesitate to dump waste into; no natural area that means anything to them but as another source of profit.

Supporters of the Detroit Workers' Voice have supported the movement from the start, and we took part in the demonstration of October 1 last year. (See the DWV list items of Sept. 18, Oct. 1, and Oct.7). We call on those of our readers in the Detroit area to take part in the coming demonstration of April 16. And let everyone step up the struggle against the frackers and polluters in their area!

Demonstrate and march! Saturday, April 16, 10 am.
Stop the ten-fold expansion of the waste dumping site US Ecology!
Keep radioactive waste out of our drinking water!

Park and meet at Old St. John’s Church
Address: 2120 Russell St, Detroit, south of Gratiot.
Then we will march north on Russell through the Eastern Market area.

Next planning meeting: Wednesday, April 13th, noon

* Pick up fliers
* Organize distribution teams
* Make posters for the demonstration

From the leaflet for the demonstration:

More Hazardous Waste coming into Detroit?
Stop the Department of Environmental Quality's rubber stamp of approval!

A hazardous waste plant is located on Georgia Street in Detroit, up the road from Eastern Market and across the railroad tracks from Hamtramck. It is called "US Ecology" or USE, to trick the public into thinking it's a green business. Several months ago, USE applied to the Department of Environmental Quality for a permit to expand the processing and the storage of hazardous waste to ten times its size. It's waiting DEQ's approval.

Currently the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department allows USE to dump a stew of chemicals, toxins and metals such as arsenic, cadmium, cyanide and lead into the sewerage system - 20 batches a day. A batch is 15,000 gallons. If USE is allowed to expand, the liquid waste dumped into the water system will multiply.

Fracking for gas and oil has soared in recent years. The energy industry needs someplace to dump their mess of toxic and radioactive waste that Pennsylvania, Ohio and W. Virginia won't accept. USE has come up with an answer - Detroit. Dump it in Detroit and Wayne County. Let residents in Southeast Michigan be sacrificed for the needs of the oil and gas industry.

DEQ has stated:
* Nothing is standing in the way of the approval
* If it's legal, DEQ will approval it.

So there you have it - residents of Southeast Michigan and the safety of our water supply mean "nothing" to the DEQ. They've OK'd the poisoning of Flint residents and Flint water and they can do it in Detroit. Of course it's legal. There is nothing in the law that requires consideration of the health of Michigan residents. We must apply the lessons that Flint residents have tragically learned - Don't rely on DEQ or government officials to protect our families or our water supply!

Keep up the fight! Clean Water is a Human Right!

For more information about the coalition:
Facebook: Coalition to Oppose the Expansion of US Ecology
E-mail the Coalition at

Coalition to Oppose the Expansion of US Ecology,
Hamtramck Community Initiative,
Eastside Coalition for Environmental Justice,
Ban Michigan Fracking,
City Airport Renaissance Association,
Georgia Street Community Collective,
Ecology Center,
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation,
Detroit Workers' Voice,
Beyond Nuclear,
Don't Waste Michigan,
Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes,
State Representative, Rose Mary Robinson,
Wayne County Commissioners Tim Killeen and Martha Scott,
and Detroit City Council President, Brenda Jones.

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Posted on August 25, 2017