Bush's warmongering is
a betrayal of the memory of the victims
of the September 11 attacks!

by Seattle members of CVO, 18 September


. In response to the horrible attacks on September 11, the Bush administration has launched an all-out campaign to wage a "war on terrorism". Such a war would, in fact, be a betrayal of the memory of the innocent victims of these attacks. The terrorists who acted out their blind religious fanaticism by causing their own deaths and the deaths of thousands of other people were enraged by many of the very policies that Bush advocates, which have brought misery to poor peoples in the under-developed countries. The Bush administration now thinks it can use these attacks to intensify those same policies. It views this as a golden opportunity to clamp down on all the struggles of the oppressed around the world in a vain search for all the members of a supposed "network of terror". In fact, what they are promising is the creation of a US-sponsored reign of terror, a monopoly of terror around the world to deprive the people of any means of resisting its greedy thirst for maximum profit.

. Terrorism is not in fact the result of single individual or a single network. The terrorism of Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network is not the same as the terrorism of the IRA or the Palestinian Hamas movement or Timothy McVeigh. All of these different terrorist groups or individuals have in fact very different political objectives and very little relationship with each other. Many of the terrorist groups in fact were trained and promoted by the US imperialists, but have since, as in the case of bin Laden, turned against the US, although this has not changed their fundamental political features. What they share is a common contempt for the masses of working people of the world and a vision of themselves as the single active element in a passive world of inert victims, who are frequently sacrificed in a fruitless act of terror. While it is certainly true that terrorism is a form of war, it is also true that war is the continuation of politics by other (violent) means, and the politics of a terrorist who kills himself and thousands of people are not much different than the politics of an imperialist such as Bush who would lay waste entire countries and utterly destroy their peoples while seeking to "smoke the terrorists out of their holes".

. The oppressed masses of the under-developed countries are suffering tremendous misery as the imperialist powers and their policies of "free trade" ruthlessly subject the entire world to their fanatical thirst for greater profits. In such a situation, any voice of opposition, no matter how fantastic its message, fills a void in their minds as they seek to mount a struggle against this Goliath. Such a voice is that of Osama bin Laden, who promises his followers a return to the golden age of Islamic purity and exhorts them to bring it about by massive self-sacrifice. Their terror is an expression of their powerlessness, but it cannot bring about any solution to the plight of the masses. Working people the world over, however, should not see such a campaign of terror as a true solution to their plight. What they should see instead is that revolutionary class struggle, guided by the insights of Marxism-Leninism, is the proper way to answer the fierce campaign of the capitalists and their imperialist chiefs such as Bush. Revolutionary Marxists see the working masses as the active element in history, and see them as the true inheritors of society being wrecked by the mad passion of big corporations. Revolutionary Marxists see that Bush is using the hysteria about the September 11 attacks to unleash a wave of corporate downsizing and bailouts which can violate all existing US laws under the pretext that this is an extraordinary situation brought about by an act of war. Revolutionary Marxists see that Bush is launching his own reign of terror; that under the cover of patriotism he is seeking to abridge civil liberties by engaging in widespread violations of privacy and draconian security measures. Revolutionary Marxists call on all working people to answer Bush's reign of terror with stern resistance, and to work to build a mass movement which can show the capitalists that we will not let them destroy our livelihood with the excuse that so-called "security" requires it.

. The leaflet concluded with the "Statement by the Editor of Communist Voice on the Bush administration's response to the terrorist attacks".

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