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Murdered in Genoa

by Tim Hall

On July 20 Italian police shoot, run over Carlo Giuliani
who is protesting G-8 meeting of world capitalist leaders.

Carlo Giuliani
Young Italian Worker
Murdered by Italian police
  paramilitary carabinieri
    trained by LA deputy sheriffs
      torturing protesters
        until they shout "Vive il Duce!"
          thus protecting Bush and G-8 world leaders
            (continuity! continuity!)
Murdered while throwing a fire extinguisher
  at the world's greatest arsonists
Murdered in cold blood
Murdered for protesting with 250,000 others
  coming from everywhere
Murdered for fighting back
Murdered for exposing the parasites
Murdered for denouncing the dregs of humanity
  the world leaders
    evolutionary throwbacks
      To tyrannosaurus rex

e.g. George W. Bush
  country-club welfare figurehead
  for rapacious $2/gal. Oil men out to privatize the wrold
  denier of Israeli racism leading racist Drug War
  unscrupulously unapologetic for slavery
  Son of Storm
  I mean dear old Dad's
  Operation Desert Scream
  slaughtered thousands of retreating Iraqis
  "My Daddy was head of the CIA!"
    like father, like

What a criminal this Carlo!
--threw a fire extinguisher at ol' Dubya's
"Bombs over Iraqio"!

  e.g. Tony Blair
    tolerating National Front
    lynching of Pakistanis in Oldham
    perpetuating 500 years Irish oppression
    still humming "Britannia Rules the Waves"
    cheerleading for U.S. in the Gulf
    raping the British working class
    nearly half London's children in poverty
    hawking free trade
    for the multinationals
    redundancy (layoffs)
    for the workers

What a criminal this Carlo!
. -- tried to make Lord Blair redundant!

  e.g. Vladimir Putin
    pond scum floating
    on mafia soup
    private capitalism replacing state-capitalism
    to sleep under a bridge

What a criminal this Carlo!
-- didn't want anybody to sleep under a bridge!

Yes, what a criminal this Carlo Giuliani What normal, red-blooded cop could resist killing him?

He had it coming. Him and those 250,000 others who tried to trash the elite meeting. I mean, did the protesters raise a billion dollars to get elected or steal an election in order to come to Genoa as a world leader and have the right to make secret decisions gutting social programs and trashing protective regulations in order to bloat the profits of world capital? Hell no! I mean, did the Chinese or Indonesian workers making $120 Nike Air Jordans for $1 a day come to Genoa? Did they? Or the Pakistani child rug weavers, the Mexican maquiladora auto-parts assemblers, the American Burger King Chefs, the Bangladeshi jute mill workers -- did they come to Genoa? Hell no! Just these 250,000 lazy, good-for-nothings! They got what they deserved.

Oh, my goodness! Here they come again!

  Today: R.I.P. Carlo Giuliani, fighter against World Capitalism
  Someday: R.I.P. World Capitalism

  Join tyrannosaurus rex
  a discovery
  for archeologists
  of the next millennium <>

(from the Fall 2001 issue, vol. 17, #2, of Struggle, a magazine of proletarian revolutionary literature)

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Last modified on Sept. 10, 2001