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Editorial Policy

Struggle is an anti-establishment, revolutionary literary journal oriented to the working-class struggle. We seek to reach "disgruntled" workers, dissatisfied youth and all the oppressed and abused and inspire them to fight the rich capitalist rulers of the U.S. and the planet. We stand for the working class to overthrow the capitalists in a proletarian revolution, smash their state machinery and establish a workers' government which would build genuine socialism with a policy of democracy for the masses, suppression for the bosses. While this is our goal, we support all struggles against exploitation and oppression.

The capitalists and their mass media, publishing industry and educational system suppress rebellious and pro-working class literature and art. Instead they flood our minds with militarism, racism, mysticism, dollar-worship, anti-woman and anti-gay brutality, anti-foreigner hysteria, empty sentimentality and religious platitudes. The healthy literature of working-class rebellion finds few outlets -- in political newspapers, at demonstrations, in leaflets, in underground zines, in performances at meetings, small clubs and coffee houses. Struggle provides a forum for this literature and art.

Struggle is open to a variety of artistic and literary forms and anti-establishment political and cultural views. We look for works with artistic power which rebel against some element of the capitalist power structure or against the system itself. We look for works which depict the working-class struggle and advocate the proletarian revolution, but at the same time we print many varied works that are hostile in different ways to the ruling elite. We look for writings which condemn the two political parties of the rich, as well as the sellout union leaders and bourgeois misleaders of minority communities and women. We will not print racist, sexist, national chauvinist or homophobic material.

Struggle believes in the initiative of the oppressed themselves and opposes the bureaucratism that turned the Soviet workers' government away from the socialist path in the early 1920's, as well as the complete revision of Marxist theory, by Soviet and other false "communists," into a justification of reformism and state-capitalism. Until November 1993, Struggle was published by the Detroit branch of the Marxist-Leninist Party, USA, and the party gave great creative, political and material support to the magazine. But at the organization's Fifth Congress, a majority, discouraged by the lull in the mass movements, voted to disband the party without proposing any worked-out revolutionary alternative. A minority opposed this collapse. Today a grouping of revolutionaries continues to develop anti-revisionist communism in the MLP's spirit. They are united in the Communist Voice Organization, which produces the Communist Voicetheoretical journal. Struggle is associated with this trend. We will continue, but we need greater readers' input, donations, subscriptions and help in distribution.

Struggle's editor is Tim Hall, an activist and Marxist-Leninist since the 1960's. Struggle is a non-profit magazine, produced and distributed by the voluntary labor of a very few people. It pays its contributors in copies. Subscription rates are $2 per issue ($3.00 by mail), $10 for a subscription of four, $12 for four for institutions, $15 for four overseas, free to prisoners.

Struggle welcomes poems, songs, short stories, short plays, line drawings and cartoons. Manuscripts will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We try to critique everything. Bulk discounts and back issues (on anti-racism, against the Persian Gulf War, depicting postal workers' struggle) are available. Checks or money orders must be made payable to Tim Hall -- Special Account. Struggle can be reached at P.O. Box 13261, Detroit, MI 48213-0261 or by e-mail to Now open:

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