Issue #7, March 15, 1996, of Communist Voice
(Vol. 2, #2, 70 pp.)

Titles are linked to the full text of the article. For articles without links, the text can be found at TOC07-alt.html, which, however, is only partially formatted.

Debate on Marxism & right of nations to self-determination (15K)

DWV: The U.S.-Cuba conflict

Papua New Guinea and Imperialism

10 answers to 10 of Oleg's questions on struggle in Mexico

The trade unions, the errors of the Trotskyist "transitional program",  and the zigzags of the Los Angeles Workers' Voice

DWV: Why were CAT and Staley workers defeated? (11K)

Theories and evolution of the salaried middle strata, and critique: "Misunderstanding the middle strata"

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