Issue #9, August 1, 1996, of Communist Voice
(Vol. 2, #4, 68 pp.)

Titles are linked to the full text of the article. For articles without links, the text can be found at TOC09-alt.html, which, however, is only partially formatted.

The "four worlds" theory and the indigenous struggle in Papua New Guinea -- critiquing Hyndman's Ancestral Rain Forests and the Mountain of Gold  (104K)

Staley struggle: how not to learn from a defeat

Empty "left" phrases about the trade unions (criticism of "left" communism & LAWV) (35K)

Right of self-determination: "left" communism vs. Marxism

Lester Thurow's uneasy future of capitalism (16K)

Union bureaucrats establish "Labor Party" (including criticism of such Trotskyist groups as Socialist Action, Spark, and Bulletin) (24K)


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