Issue #10, October 1, 1996, of Communist Voice
(Vol. 2, #5, 64 pp.)

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The imperialist Helms-Burton law and the myth of Cuban socialism (36K)

The Communist Voice Organization discusses its future

Detroit Workers' Voice Labor Day leaflet

No spark in the Spark:  Against their prettification of labor bureaucrat sell-outs


Extract from the Open Letter to the left from Greg Jackson of the Black Autonomy Collective

Reply to the Open Letter of the Black Autonomy Collective:Anarchist fiasco in the Spanish Civil War shows that autonomous collectives cannot overcome the marketplace

The recent bombing in Iraq and the controversies over anti-war work in the Persian Gulf War

On the Spartacist League and the `defend Iraq' slogan: Building an anti-imperialist movement or putting hopes in Hussein's military (Feb. 1991)

The debate in last years of the MLP over anti-war agitation:

Correspondence: On the Nader candidacy

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