In the May 2001 issue of Communist Voice:
Quebec City actions expose neo-liberal summit,
labor money and communist planning (part two),
the right to self-determination & Ethiopian-Eritrean war (pt. 2)
China--not socialist, but state-capitalist,
why `proletarian' literature, and more

The twenty-sixth issue of CV, vol. 7 #1 (May 1, 2001, 52 pages) contains the following articles:.


Against the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas:

On the communist future:

On the right to self-determination and Ethiopian-Eritrean war:
the right to self-determination of Eritrea is still an issue!


From Struggle. a journal of revolutionary proletarian literature (17K):

Correspondence (70K) --

Chomsky, anarchism & revolutionary theory:

On the history of Maoist opportunism:

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