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In the Sept. 6, 2001 issue of Communist Voice:
Energy deregulation as a spreading crisis of neo-liberalism,
remember Carlo Giuliani--murdered for protesting G-8,
labor money and socialist planning (part three),
on the nature of the Eritrean government,
anarchism and the question of authority,
and more

The twenty-seventh issue of CV, vol. 7 #2 (Sept. 6, 2001, 67 pages) contains the following articles:.

Energy deregulation, a spreading crisis of neo-liberalism:

. In 1996 deregulation was hailed as the wonder cure for California's energy system. Democrat and Republican competed in their enthusiasm for it. Power was to be plentiful and cheap. And the result? Energy prices soaring out of sight, blackouts, and chaos. Government-regulated monopoly has been replaced by unregulated private monopoly. Similar results can be seen in other states and countries. But it's profitable, and the bourgeoisie and its parties are determined to stay with it. Meanwhile the government agencies are in the pocket of the energy billionaires, while municipally-owned power systems are increasingly run in the same predatory spirit. The struggle against deregulation includes exposing the neo-liberal spirit of the government-run or regulated systems as well as the profiteering of the private companies.

Against the neo-liberal offensive: (19K)

On the communist future:

Correspondence on the nature of the Eritrean government: (60K)

Anarchism and the question of authority: (48K)

Reply to a Maoist on Mao's relation to the three worlds theory: (58K)

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