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. The thirty-third issue of CV, vol. 10, #1 (March 25, 2004, 66 pages) contains the following articles:

Occupation and class struggle in Iraq

. Many of the articles center on the U. S. imperialist occupation of Iraq, and on the anti-war movement.

. In Iraq, with the occupation Coalition Provisional Authority unable to quell the anger of the masses, Bush is trying to give the occupation a face-lift. By the end of June, he wants to abolish the CPA and a declare a "sovereign" provisional Iraqi government by the end of June. But US troops and US domination would remain.

. If the provisional government comes into existence, it would be a subordinate government, still dominated by US imperialism. Nevertheless, such a government would put more decisions into the hands of the Iraqi bourgeoisie. It will result in more, not less, squabbling between US imperialism and the Iraqi bourgeoisie. And it will result in the class contradictions in Iraq coming more openly into the fore. Even now, under the occupation, there is a complicated struggle among the different class and political trends. The fate of the struggle against the occupation is tied up with this struggle. As time goes on, these differences are coming more and more out into the open, and this will be even clearer under a provisional government.

. This issue of the CV has four articles on the situation inside Iraq. They expose the continuing oppression of the Iraqi people by US imperialism and discuss the plan for the provisional government. And they include a separate article on the development of the workers movement in Iraq. The workers face a difficult struggle -- opposed not only by US imperialism, but also by the Iraqi bourgeoisie. Moreover, they face the problem that the organizations that speak in their name do not have a clear orientation. Nevertheless, since the fall of Hussein's regime, there has been open political agitation and organizations going on among the workers, and have waged some strikes and demonstrations. This is one of the most important features of the present situation.

. The CV articles on the occupation were written by Mark, Detroit, and are

The anti-war movement

. A number of articles deal with the anti-war movement and the struggle against militarism. CV includes an article on the "Open Letter from the Arab-American and Muslim community to U. S. anti-war movement". It shows that, while many of the signers of this letter may simply have wanted to support the Palestinian people and oppose the internationalization of the occupation of Iraq, in fact the Open Letter puts forward the orientation of building an anti-war movement *without* a class stand. It pretends that there are no serious differences in the world anti-war movement except in the US; it ignores the class and political differences in the Iraqi and Palestinian movements; it doesn't give solidarity to the forces of the workers and poor in their struggle against local reaction and fundamentalism as well as US imperialism; and it gives a wrong orientation towards how to agitate among the American working people for an anti-imperialist stand and in favor of the Palestinian people.

. Another article gives excerpts from the debate over the orientation of the anti-war movement between J. P. Cupp and two anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninists at the end of November. J. P. Cupp demanded unconditional support for whatever forces were in the Iraqi resistance. He ignored the class and political differences in the Iraqi resistance, and prettified fundamentalism. He presented this as anti-imperialism, but, similar in this regard to the "Open Letter", it was an anti-imperialism without a class stand. The anti-revisionists defended a serious struggle against imperialism, which must be based on defense of the interests of the working masses.

. This issue of CV also continued a debate on the issue of militarism and the draft. A Trotskyist organization, the League for the Revolutionary Party, has announced that it would not oppose the reinstatement of conscription. Moreover, it has polemicized against comrade Tim Hall and the Communist Voice Organization for our opposition to the draft. Indeed, they also oppose the struggle against militarism, claiming Lenin's attitude to militarism "was expressed by his 'Full speed ahead!' in relation to the bourgeoisie's wartime militarization of the population. " In this issue of CV, comrade Tim Hall replies to LRP. He shows that Lenin was a fighter against militarism, and that the fight against imperialism is a sham if one doesn't have the spirit of fighting against militarism. Moreover, he describes some of the experience of the anti-draft movement of the 1960s. He refutes LRP's view about the supposed opposition between the anti-draft movement and the working class, and shows that LRP's picture of the working class is closer to the TV stereotype of "Archie Bunker" than to the truth.

. These articles on the anti-war movement are:

Support the Palestinian people!

.There is also an article on the critical situation facing the Palestinian people. It denounces the increasing oppression of the Palestinian people, from the assassinations of Palestinian leaders and activists to the building of the "separation wall". It punctures the fraud of the various supposed peace plans being promoted by the Bush administration or by various figures in the Israeli establishment. It shows that so long as Israel remains a theocracy based on subordinating and excluding the Arab masses, there will be no solution to the crisis. There must be a unity, democratic secular state for all of Israel/Palestine.

. It also refers to the crisis of orientation in the Palestinian movement. But it also maintains that, despite this crisis and their desperate material situation, the Palestinian people will continue to resist and to find new methods of struggle. See the article:

Down with US intervention in Haiti!

. This CV also denounces the US occupation of Haiti. It shows how class factors have affected the situation here. Aristide was originally backed by the overwhelmingly majority of the workers, poor, and activists. His presidency was overthrown by a military coup at the end of Sept. 1991. He was returned to office by a US invasion in October 1994, but the price for this was that he had to agree to the neo-liberalism of the Clinton administration and of the IMF and World Bank. This helped drive a wedge between him and the working masses and activists who used to be his firm basis of support. He ended up building a personal rule in Haiti, and building an alliance with a section of the Haitian elite, and his opposition included both the traditional reactionaries and working class activists, and all sorts of reformist and opportunist forces in between. Thus when the revolt brought out against him, there were few left to stand in his support, and his remaining support among the poor, while still substantial, was mostly passive. However, the dominant forces inside the political opposition to Aristide were merely fighting with Aristide over spoils of government, while the blood-stained forces of the Haitian right formed the main military forces of the revolt. The US government then stepped in, this time to complete the overthrow of Aristide. The article condemns US imperialism and shows that Haiti needs a class movement of the workers and the poor in their own interests.

. The articles on Haiti are

On the elections

. CV contains a leaflet from the Seattle Communist Study Group denouncing the capitalist parties. It points to the war-like and imperialist stands of Kerry and the "New Democrats". Kerry differs from Bush on Iraq mainly on wanting multilateral imperialism rather than unilateral disregard of US imperialist allies, and he is trying to prove that he will project US power around the world in the "war on terror" even more vigorously than Bush.

. The leaflet also discusses role of the left Democrats and of Nader. Kucinich says he is for getting the US out of Iraq, but he calls for the UN to come in -- that is, he is for a multilateral imperialist occupation. And Nader says that he is running for president in order to "revitalize" the Democratic Party. And this issue of CV also contains a brief comment on Chomsky, whose anti-imperialism has collapsed into an endorsement of Kerry.

. The articles on the elections are

Against Trotskyism

. CV also contains another installment of the outline of Trotskyism. Part one, in the December 2002 issue, dealt mainly with permanent revolution, the transitional program, the right to self-determination, and the anti-fascist struggle. Part 2 concentrates on the issue of socialism in one country, and it also deals particularly with the issue of the transitional economy that is built up in the period between a socialist seizure of political power and the establishment of a classless society. It shows that Trotskyism, far from providing an alternative to the Stalinist view of the nature of socialism, is more of a mirror image. Trotsky agreed with Stalin that, provided the old bourgeoisie was overthrown, state ownership was socialist in and of itself, and it was supposedly socialist whether or not the working class was in control.

. There is also more correspondence between the FRP (League for the Revolutionary Party of Sweden) and Communist Voice over the analysis of Trotskyism. The last issue of CV carried the FRP's resolution "Back to the classics of Marxism-Leninism", which began its repudiation of Trotskyism, and our comments. This issue contains further thoughtful comments from the FRP, and our additional comments. There wasn't room for the latest reply from the FRP, which is very valuable and will be carried in the next issue of CV.

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